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Our Services

ATL MoT planning and installationSupplying and installing MOT equipment can be quite a complex process. There are often so many factors to consider, and so many fringe services or tradesmen involved that it can often become quite messy. All too often this means that you, the business owner or manager, ends up spending far too much time organising and co-ordinating things when, quite honestly, you probably have bigger priorities! At Hofmann Megaplan we can do as much or as little as you need, but we won’t take the line of least resistance; we are there to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Products and Services include:

• Supply and installation of complete MOT/ATL bays
• Supply of and installation of individual items of equipment
• Complete ‘hand holding’ service and project management
• Ongoing calibrations, maintenance contracts and aftersales support
• Liaising with customers’ contractors or use of our own contractors under our management