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Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann Megaplan Mot and ATLMegaplan is one of the leading and most well-established names in Garage Equipment, with a rich and proud history dating back to 1931. You can find out more about Hofmann Megaplan and its traditional core products here.

At Hofmann Megaplan we believe that specialists should be employed to handle specialist products and services; you can’t generally be an expert in all areas of garage equipment. This is why when you want to discuss wheel balancers, we have what we believe are the industry’s leading authorities on wheel balancing within the company. However, when it comes to a subject like MOT bays, likewise we ensure that we have individuals with the correct knowledge and skills to ensure that projects such as new applications or upgrades to existing bays are handled efficiently.

The Test Products team are dedicated to the MOT/ATL area of the business, and as such are so immersed and experienced with equipment and projects of this nature that we think we are simply able to provide a better product, better service, and better buying experience than most of our competitors.

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